What happens at a tryout?

In a try-out one of the coaches will take a look at your swimmers ability and place the swimmer in the best level for his/her ability. We will ask your swimmer to demonstrate the competitive strokes, look at his/her kicks (an indicator of strength in swimming); give them some teaching feedback (to see how well they pick up cues) and/or other swimming demonstrations. This will take around 20 minutes.

In the situation where we are incorporating the try-out in a practice situation, the swimmer will take part in the full practice (if appropriate) with other members of the club.

It is important to understand that our assessor coaches recommend group placement based on the best development opportunities for a swimmer.

The cost of the try-out is $20 and is to be paid at the try-out date. This can be paid by cash.

If you are interested in a tryout please e-mail

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