OAK provides the programs, coaching and resources that drive achievement in competitive swimming and help develop character that is the foundation of success in life. Through a connected community, we enable each swimmer to realize their individual potential. OAK is committed to placing its swimmers on an Olympic Podium.
"My daughter joined Oak, looking for a new sport to challenge her. Little did we know how much the rigors of the sport of swimming; the support, professionalism, care and encouragement of each coach; and the great camaraderie of the team, would impact her life! The skills and life lessons she learned as a member of the Oak team have been, and will continue to be, invaluable. She has travelled extensively, learned to balance life and swimming, to perform under pressure, to handle success and failure; she has learned discipline, perseverance and commitment, and was able to go on to swim at University on scholarship.... We will always be grateful for the opportunity to become part of the Oak family."

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